Obtaining a trapper's certificate

It is necessary to obtain a certificate with a “P” code to purchase a trapping licence.

To obtain a trapper's certificate, a person who resides in Québec must comply with the following conditions:

  • be at least 12 years of age
  • have taken the training on trappingand management of fur-bearing animals Read the content of the note 1  given by the associations affiliated to the Fédération des trappeurs gestionnaires du Québec (FTGQ)
  • pass the examination

Finding training

After successfully completing the training, you may purchase your trapper’s certificate at a licence sales outlet.

The certificate issued is permanent and bears a “P” code for trapping. Other codes may be entered if you have taken other training.

You may replace your certificate if it was lost, damaged or stolen, depending on the facts.

Cancelled certificate

If a court judgment recognizes that you have committed an act of poaching and results in the cancellation or suspension of your certificate for a specified period, you must know the following:

  • during this cancellation or suspension period, you may not procure or attempt to procure a professional trapping licence. If you take training during this period, it will not be recognized.
  • at the end of the cancellation period, you must again take the training necessary to obtain a trapper's certificate, namely the course on trapping and management of fur-bearing animals.

If your licence or your certificate is suspended or if you are prohibited from having one in a province or a territory of Canada, you may not obtain an equivalent licence or certificate in Québec, during the period covered by the prohibition.

Cancelling the certificate of a deceased person

To learn how to cancel the certificate of a deceased loved one, go to Cancelling the certificate of a deceased person.

  • Footer note number 1
    This training purpose is to train responsible and efficient trappers, who engage in their activity safely and who advocate sustainable use of wildlife resources.
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Last update: July 24, 2023


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