This program offers financial assistance to regional authorities responsible for recreational activities for individuals with disabilities (Instance régionale responsable du loisir des personnes handicapées, IRLPH) to support them in carrying out their activities.

Presentation and purpose

The purpose of this program is to increase accessibility to recreational activities for individuals with disabilities in a healthy and safe manner, by taking into account the specific characteristics of each administrative region of Québec.


To be eligible, an organization must meet all of the following criteria:

  • act as an IRLPH in its region by possessing the recognized IRLPH skills outlined in Chapter 1, Subsection I.I of the guide (PDF 558 Kb) (available in French only)
  • be a regional recreational association for individuals with disabilities (Association régionale de loisir pour les personnes handicapées, ARLPH) or a regional sports and recreation office (Unité régionale de loisir et de sport, URLS)
  • be a non-profit organization
  • pursue a general interest mission in the area of recreation
  • be associative and democratic
  • have a public liability insurance that is valid for the entire duration of the program and that covers the responsibility of its administrators, in particular
  • offer outreach beyond the local level by providing services to individuals with disabilities in its region
  • have signed the Avis sur l’éthique en loisir et en sport (PDF 141 Kb) (notice on ethics in recreation and sports, available in French only)
  • comply with the Code de gouvernance des organismes sans but lucratif québécois en sport et en loisir This hyperlink will open in a new window. (code of governance of Québec non-profit recreation and sports organizations, available in French only) by February 15, 2024

Reimbursable expenses

The eligible expenses are those associated with the goods and services required for carrying out the program activities, that is:

  • general expenses associated with infrastructure, office supplies and equipment
  • expenses associated with human resources responsible for organizational operations, including salary, benefits, training and professional support
  • expenses associated with travel, communications, consultation, representation and management of volunteer work

Claim process

To submit a claim under this program, please submit the claim for financial assistance form (PDF 272 Kb) (available in French only) by email.

In addition, the documents listed in Appendix C of the guide (PDF 558 Kb) (available in French only) must be submitted.

Key dates

The intake period for claims has ended for the current school year. The dates for the next period will be determined soon.

Support and resources

For more information about this program, please contact the Direction du sport, du loisir et de l’activité physique of the Ministère de l’Éducation: