Eligible multiple dwelling building charging stations

Ensure that the model of the charging station that you plan to install in the parking lot of your multiple dwelling building is eligible for financial assistance.

List of eligible charging stations

A financial assistance application must focus on one or more charging stations on the list of eligible charging stations.

List of eligible charging stations 

The list is also available in Excel format (XLSX 67 Kb) (in French only) to facilitate the search for a model.

If the list does not include the charging station that you wish to install, you cannot request financial assistance to purchase and install it.

Only the distributors and manufacturers of charging stations can request that models be added to the list.

Characteristics of the eligible charging stations

The models of eligible charging stations must satisfy several conditions:

  • The charging stations installed must be new. A charging station previously used for demonstration purposes is ineligible.
  • The charging stations can be wireless (inductive charging) or equipped with one or more connectors.
  • A charging station equipped with several connectors must allow for the simultaneous charging of as many electric vehicles as there are connectors.
  • Each charging station installed must provide level 2 charging: the charging station must be compatible and installed to operate at 208 volts or 240 volts in alternating current (AC). 



Last update: September 13, 2023


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