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Road network glossary

Below is a description of different road types and related terms.


The section to the side of a public roadway on which vehicular traffic is generally not permitted. The shoulder may be fully or partially paved or unpaved.


The section of a public road used for vehicular traffic.

Limited access road

A public roadway that may only be entered or exited at designated locations. For example, highways are limited access roads.

Public roadway

An area of land or infrastructure (e.g., a bridge or viaduct) containing one or more roads open to vehicular traffic. A public roadway may also include one or more bicycle lanes.

Shared street

A public roadway on which pedestrian traffic is prioritized. Visit the Shared street webpage to learn more about this type of road.

Bicycle route

A shared-use road for bicycles and automobiles with priority given to cyclists. Visit the Bicycle route webpage to learn more about this type of road.


The section of the road dedicated to traffic and often identified by road markings This hyperlink will open in a new window.


A lane designed for bicycle traffic. In some cases, other modes of transportation may also be permitted. Visit the Bikeway webpage to learn more about these types of lanes.

Last update: November 15, 2023


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