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Prevention and awareness-raising of the risks of mild traumatic brain injury or concussion

To develop or maintain a healthy and safe environment, each citizen and location needs to adopt a preventive approach. To do this, follow the procedure suggested below to reduce the risk of a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) or concussion:

Step 1

Identify the nature of the risks associated with the situation or activity:

  • falls, or collisions with objects
  • collisions with another person
  • authorized physical contacts
  • authorized blows to the head (e.g. certain combat sports)

Step 2

Analyze the risk of MTBI/concussion related to the situation or activity by considering:

  • the physical environment (facilities, playgrounds, shared equipment, etc.)
  • personal equipment (current standards, protective equipment, etc.)
  • supervision (workplace health and safety standards, laws and regulations, game rules, severity of penalties, safety instructions, supervision, first aid services, refereeing, etc.)
  • participants’ behaviour and attitudes (conditions for participation or for a return to work or school, compliance with game rules and safety instructions, etc.)

Step 3

Verify if the situation is satisfactory or if preventive measures should be added to reduce the number or severity of MTBIs/concussions. Preventive measures should:

  • be adapted to the context
  • be concrete and efficient
  • not change the nature of the activity or sport
  • be personally, athletically, socially and economically viable

Step 4

Monitor yourself or monitor the participants. Monitoring is a responsibility that is shared by everyone present. Remove a participant—or recommend their removal to those with the authority to do so—in any one of the following situations:

  • if the participant presents any concussion symptom(s)
  • following an impact to the head or body, or a sudden movement of the head that could cause an MTBI/ concussion
  • if there is any doubt regarding information provided by the participant
  • if the person has a history of MTBI/concussion

Last update: April 11, 2023


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