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Surfing in Québec.ca

Québec.ca contains links to external sites. The government is not responsible for the content of those sites, nor for their privacy-related practices.

Cookies and website metering

General notice

Compliance with the Act respecting Access to documents and the Protection of personal information

Québec.ca does not use cookies for profiling, identification, or geolocation purposes, unless the user explicitly requests it.

Québec.ca’s Web traffic analysis tools (Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity) are configured such that no personal information is collected and no information that allows for users to be identified or monitored is shared with third-party servers, especially ad servers.

Québec.ca uses Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity for website metering and reporting website traffic. Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity use cookies to collect information on your browsing on some or all of the pages of the website. The information is used for statistical purposes to enhance your experience and includes:

  • your computer’s truncated IP address (your IP address is modified to protect the user);
  • your Internet service provider;
  • your operating system, such as Mac OS or Windows; 
  • the type and model of the device, e.g., iPhone 11;
  • the device’s screen resolution;
  • the type, language, version, and other data pertaining to the browser, such as Chrome or Safari;
  • the region or municipality, determined according to the IP address;
  • the domain name of the previously visited website, e.g., lapresse.ca;
  • the point of origin, such as a banner, email, or social network;
  • the pages consulted on Québec.ca (the consultation sequence, interactions on the page, the date, the time, and the duration and frequency of your visits and activities, such as clicks, scrolling, and so on.

You can configure your browser to block cookies This hyperlink will open in a new window. but doing so might affect your browsing experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Web analysis service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools. The data facilitates search engine optimization (SEO).

The information is mainly stored in the United States. Google can communicate it to third parties in the event that it is legally obliged to do so, or when it is processed on their behalf. The information is also shared on the Google Ads and Google Search Console of the Québec government.

Google advertising cookies are also used to collect demographic information and information on net surfers’ areas of interest. The information cannot be linked to an individual. Google will never link the information collected with any other data or information that it preserves.

To obtain additional information on the information that Google collects and how it is used, consult Google Privacy & Terms This hyperlink will open in a new window..

If you so desire, you can prevent Google from recording information pertaining to your navigation by installing on your computer the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on This hyperlink will open in a new window.. You can use a private browser or incognito mode on your cell phone.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a user behaviour analytics tool that provides, by way of an example, dashboards and heatmaps of a website’s pages. The data reveal how users interact with the website and make it easier to target interface enhancements.

All the information collected using Microsoft Clarity is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service in the United States or in any other country in which Microsoft or its subcontractors operate. 

Microsoft can share the data with its subsidiaries: 

  • when required to do so by law;
  • in response to legal proceedings; 
  • to protect its clients; 
  • to protect human lives; 
  • to maintain the security of its products;
  • to protect the rights and property of Microsoft and its clients.

Microsoft collects certain data to be used in Microsoft Advertising. The Microsoft Clarity cookies are also used to collect information on interactions such as clicks, scrolling, and mouse movements. Such information can be associated with an individual. All information that the user provides in the input fields such as telephone numbers or email addresses are hidden by default and are not collected.

Microsoft Clarity preserves recordings for 30 days starting from the date of recording. However, heatmaps, bookmarks, and certain randomly selected recordings can be preserved for up to 13 months. 

To obtain additional information on the information that Microsoft collects and how it is used, consult the Microsoft Privacy Statement. This hyperlink will open in a new window.

To prevent Microsoft Clarity from monitoring the pages viewed when you visit websites that use Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft uses a system designed by the Digital Advertising Alliance. To do so, you can deactivate Microsoft Clarity telemetry This hyperlink will open in a new window. by selecting Microsoft in the list of options or you can install the Protect My Choices This hyperlink will open in a new window. application on your browser and select your deactivation preferences. The deactivation of the use of cookies might affect your navigation experience. See the Microsoft Privacy Statement This hyperlink will open in a new window. for additional information.

Interactions with the government

The transmission by email of information is not totally secure. For this reason, the government advises against disclosing by email personal information such as your social insurance number. The government does not respond by email to your questions when doing so involves transmitting confidential information.

Access-to-information requests

You can submit an access-to-information request This hyperlink will open in a new window. to ascertain the personal information that public bodies possess. You can also request that the information be rectified.

Last update: February 26, 2024


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