Québec Health Booklet is an online service that enables you to access your health information and certain services to help you take charge of your health.

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If you have any questions about this online service, go to the Contact us This hyperlink will open in a new window. page on the Québec Health Booklet website.

Free, easy to use, reliable and secure, Québec Health Booklet keeps your health information in a single place.

This online service enables you to:

  • See your list of medications you get from the pharmacy
  • See your lab test results (you can access a COVID-19 test result as soon as it is made available by the laboratory that did the test)
  • See your medical imaging reports
  • See the list of medical services you have received that are paid on a fee-for-service basis
  • Schedule an appointment in family medicine online using the Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler, cancel the appointment if necessary and see your appointment record
  • Register with the Québec Family Doctor Finder (GAMF) and change your information if necessary

Over time, other services will be added to those already available.

Eligibility criteria

To register with Québec Health Booklet, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a health insurance card
  • Be 14 years of age or over. The health information of children under 14 years of age is included in their parents’ record
  • Not be under guardianship, trusteeship or in a situation where another person acts as your representative

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