Part-time French courses allow you to learn French in class for only a few hours a week. Depending on your availability, you can take these courses during the day or in the evening.

These courses will help you get familiar with the uses of French so that you can meet the needs of everyday life. A resource person from the adult education centre can analyze your needs with you, depending on your situation.

Courses offered in adult education centres may take place in the classroom, in compliance with public health measures.

French level

The adult education centre will assess your level of French to properly meet your learning needs.

Free tuition

Courses are free. You do not have to pay any registration or tuition fees.

However, fees for teaching materials may apply in some educational institutions.


Part-time courses are given:

  • less than 15 hours a week;
  • in class;
  • day or night;
  • Monday through Friday.

The schedule depends on the institution where you register. The duration of the courses varies according to your needs.