Job for the future Land Surveyors

Average hourly wage

Not available.

Job description

These individuals conduct surveys to establish the location of boundaries and contours of properties, land, or roads. They prepare documents related to these surveys (sectional views, plans, etc.). They are self-employed or work for:

  • The government
  • Municipal governments
  • Surveyors’ offices
  • Real estate development, natural resource, engineering or construction companies

Personality profiles (RIASEC)

People with this profile prefer carrying out concrete tasks and being physically involved in what they do.
People with this profile prefer specific, well-defined tasks. They like to respect the order of things and follow established rules.
People with this profile prefer relying on theoretical knowledge before acting. They like observation, analysis and problem solving.

Main tasks

  • Plan, direct, conduct, and supervise surveys to establish and mark the boundaries of properties, parcels of land, or roads.
  • Survey and demarcate subdivisions to enable rural and urban development.
  • Use electronic equipment to determine precise locations.
  • Record all measurements and data collected.
  • Analyze, manage, and display data using computer-assisted information, design, and drafting systems.
  • Compile documents and data and prepare tables and records related to surveying.
  • Certify and take responsibility for the data that determine property boundaries.
  • Act and testify as a surveying consultant or expert advisor.


Most training programs are offered in French only.


Geodesy (surveying)

Bachelor’s degree

Placement rate: 100%

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Last update: February 14, 2024


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