Job for the future Mechanical Engineers

Average hourly wage


Job description

These individuals design and develop machinery and various systems (heating, ventilation, power generation, manufacturing, etc.). They set up, operate, and maintain mechanical installations. They are self-employed or work in:

  • Consulting firms
  • Power generation services
  • Various industries

Personality profiles (RIASEC)

People with this profile prefer relying on theoretical knowledge before acting. They like observation, analysis and problem solving.
People with this profile prefer carrying out concrete tasks and being physically involved in what they do.
People with this profile prefer having responsibilities, influencing others and responding to challenges.

Main tasks

  • Prepare materials required for the design of machinery and systems, estimate the costs and time required, and prepare consistent specifications.
  • Design plants, machinery, components, tools, devices, and equipment.
  • Analyze the dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and structures.
  • Monitor and inspect the installation, modification, and activation of mechanical systems.
  • Develop maintenance standards and schedules and supervise crews responsible for them.
  • Investigate the cause of mechanical failures or maintenance problems.
  • Prepare contract documents and evaluate bids for industrial construction or maintenance work.
  • Supervise the work of technicians, technologists, and other engineers.
  • Review and approve plans, calculations and estimates.

Targeted regions

Last update: February 14, 2024


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