Retraite Québec provides benefits in the event of a severe and permanent disability.

General eligibility

In order for a disability to be recognized as severe and permanent, it must be of indefinite duration, without any possibility for improvement. Temporary disability (or temporary incapacity to work) is not covered under the Québec Pension Plan.

The fact that an insurance company or other agency or government department considers you to be disabled does not automatically entitle you to a disability pension under the Québec Pension Plan, since the eligibility requirements may be different.

Disability pension

A disability pension is paid to a person who is deemed to be disabled by Retraite Québec.
In order to receive a disability pension, a person must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • be under age 65 
  • have a severe and permanent disability recognized by Retraite Québec’s medical advisors
  • have contributed sufficiently to the Québec Pension Plan when he or she worked
  • not be entitled to an unreduced income replacement indemnity from the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).

Pension for a disabled person's child

Eligibility for the pension for a disabled person’s child is determined based on the relationship between the disabled person and the child.

The pension is granted if it is

  • his or her biological or adopted child
  • a minor child who has lived with him or her for at least one year when Retraite Québec deems the person to be disabled, if the person serves as mother or father to the child.

The amount is added to the disability pension of the person who is caring for the child. Otherwise, the pension is paid to the person or organization that cares for the child.

Additional amount for disability to retirees

A person who believes that he or she is entitled to a disability pension, but who has already been receiving a retirement pension for more than 18 months, could be entitled to the additional amount for disability. The person must be between ages 60 and 65, have made sufficient contributions to the Québec Pension Plan in the last years and have a disability that is deemed to be severe and permanent by Retraite Québec.

General notice

For more information on the financial assistance for disabled persons, visit Retraite Québec’s Disability and the Québec Pension Plan This hyperlink will open in a new window. web page.