The Québec Government Office in London (DGQL) was opened in 1962. We represent the Québec government in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic Countries.

We are working to promote the interests of Québec towards Governments and institutions in the territories covered by DGQL. We support Québec businesses and culture to thrive and develop their activities.

Covered territories

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden.


Our services are as follows:


Myriam Clément, Receptionist and Administrative Officer


The Administration Department fulfil its mandate by:

  • Working closely with both the executive management of the Administration department of the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie, as well as the different departments of the Québec Government Office in London (DGQL).
  • Playing an essential role in coordinating the functioning of the Office.
  • Coordinating all the activities linked to the management of human, financial, material and IT resources, as well as property management, technical services and the security of the DGQL.
  • Working closely with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) regarding our diplomatic status.

Lori Simsek, Administration Officer

Léa Barro, Administration Officer

Political and Public Affairs

The Department for Political and Public Affairs has two objectives:

  • To establish links and partnerships and facilitate exchanges between governments, elected bodies and institutions from Québec and the seven countries covered by the Québec Government Office in London (QGOL) and so to contribute to the prosperity of Québec.
  • To promote Québec, its priorities, its fields of excellence and its assets to influential players in the countries under our jurisdiction.

Our services are aimed in particular at:

  • Government departments, and representatives, administrative bodies, institutions and media from Québec and the seven countries covered by the QGOL.

We fulfil our mandate by:

  • Organising governmental and administrative missions;
  • Monitoring and analysing current events and public policies implemented in the countries under our jurisdiction;
  • Promoting links between universities, funds and research institutes from Québec and from the countries under our jurisdiction;
  • Organising public affairs and networking events;
  • Promoting Québec and the activities of our representation, particularly through social media.

Yamina Nina Seddiki, Executive assistant to the Agent-General and Political and Public Affairs

Marie-Pierre Olivier, Political Affairs Attaché

Barbara Daniel, Public Affairs and Special Events Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Public affairs
  • Relations with Québec Alumni
  • Event planning

Raphaël Harfaux, Communications and Public Affairs Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Promotion of Québec and the activities of the Québec Government Office on digital platforms
  • Social media strategy
  • Website

Economic Affairs

The objective of the Department for Economic Affairs is to increase the number of Québec exporters and the volume of exports towards the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). It also supports the development of collaborations in the fields of research and innovation.

Our services are for:

  • Québec companies that want to develop their business or explore market opportunities.
  • Québec companies and research institutions (universities and research centres) that want to develop partnerships in science and innovation

Here are some of the ways our services can support your business in the UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries:

  • Provide sector advice and personalised market intelligence
  • Access to major events within the jurisdiction of our core territories
  • Assist companies and research institutions in building partnerships, strategic alliances, scientific collaborations or technology transfer agreements
  • Participation in trade missions and access to the Québec booth at select trade shows and events

Isabelle Botfield, Economic Affairs Attachée

Areas of expertise:

  • Fintech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Retail
  • Agri-food

Patrick Philip, Economic Affairs Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Security and Defense

Onur Devrim, Economic Affairs Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Mines and Aluminum
  • Creative Industries
  • Video Games

Diana Davidovic, Economic Affairs Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Health

Cultural Affairs

The principal mandate of the Department for Culture is market development for Québec’s artists and cultural industries across all artistic sectors in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic countries.

Our services are for:

  • Professional artists and cultural organisations in Québec interested in developing their market, establishing partnerships or collaborating with partners from the territory we cover.
  • Local cultural professionals programming internationally or wishing to collaborate with Québec partners.
  • Cultural organisations (venues, galleries, festivals, para-governmental organisations, etc.) working internationally

We fulfil our mandate by:

  • Offering personalised advice and strategic support
  • Planning and financially supporting work trips for local buyers, programmers, presenters or journalists  to discover Québec’s cultural offer
  • Organising market development activities (round table and networking events, launches, etc.)
  • Developing and maintaining cooperation agreements and artistic residencies
  • Collaborating on cultural showcases in growth markets
  • Promoting Québec’s cultural offer and expertise

Marie Morin, Cultural Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Cinema
  • Digital Arts
  • Circus
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts

Andrew Bailey, Cultural Attaché

Areas of expertise:

  • Dance
  • Literature and publishing
  • Music

Isabelle Dufour, Project Manager and Assistant to the Director

Investissement Québec

Invest Quebec International This hyperlink will open in a new window. combines the strengths of a financial institution with an economic development agency.

We promote Québec as an investment destination for companies wishing to set up operations and prosper in North America. We can help you assess the competitive advantages of locating to Québec and offer extensive support in finding a location, partners as well as financing.

Our team of specialists can help you:

  • Access to some 500 million customers in particular thanks to the Canada–United States–Mexico Agreement (CUSMA)
  • Gain insight into challenges and opportunities for businesses today;
  • Development of productive strategic alliances with local and international partners;
  • Find a location that suits your exact needs;

Eric Kucharsky, Director, Foreign Direct Investment

Tamara Mehdi, Attaché, Foreign Direct Investment