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Your government

For information on government priorities in the budgetary context of the Gouvernement du Québec.


To learn about the people and institutions that compose the government, such as the Premier and his team, and the departments and agencies.

Democracy and elections

To take part in governmental activities either by participating in public consultations or by obtaining information on the democratic process in Québec.

Policies and orientations

Consult the orientations adopted by the government

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Recognition and awards

Consult the distinctions and awards bestowed, on behalf of the government, to persons, businesses, organizations and communities.

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To discover the different employment opportunities in the public service of Québec and the hiring process.

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Portrait of Québec

Consult interesting information on the Province of Québec.

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Obtain information on procedures and official communications.

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Agreements and commitments

Consult the international agreements entered into by the government. 

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Last update: December 14, 2020