The fight against climate change concerns us all. Climate disruption causes many problems, and the solutions to those problems may seem complex. In order to solve them, a number of things need to be reconsidered, including the way we consume, the way we travel and the way we plan our cities. All of society will need to come together to succeed in overcoming the challenges associated with climate change and to transform Québec in a sustainable manner.

The 2022-2027 Climate Action Mobilization Strategy (PDF 13.33 Mb) aims to do just that by encouraging all of society to take action. It is structured around four major priorities that complement each other.


Documenting and understanding

To properly support society during the climate transition, it is essential to document, analyze and understand the individual and collective factors that encourage people and organizations to take action in the fight against climate change. The strategy will support research projects on engagement, making it possible to gather important information. This information will be particularly useful for creating new tools to raise awareness and communicate.

Various research projects are (and will be) supported under the strategy, including the Climate Action Barometer This hyperlink will open in a new window. (French), which is published each year. The barometer measures the attitudes and perceptions of the Québec population concerning the fight against climate change.

Empowering and encouraging consultation

A number of organizations and individuals in Québec have already joined the fight against climate change. Pooling the strengths of various actors and making it easier for different organizations to share knowledge and experience means that their efforts will create a greater impact and their actions will have a broader scope.

For example, the strategy supports the Communauté de pratique en communication climatique du Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window. (French), which brings together a large number of actors, enabling them to pool their knowledge, resources and expertise.

Communicating and raising awareness

The majority of people in Québec know that we must act now to fight climate change. However, this fight comes with numerous challenges, which are complex for many people. More accessible and easy-to-understand information on climate issues will be made available to the public through the strategy’s initiatives.

For example, the strategy will support the development and distribution of cultural content that will simplify information and improve understanding of the issues among a wider audience, similarly to the Unpointcinq platform This hyperlink will open in a new window. (French).

Encouraging action and stimulating competition

A number of small- and large-scale initiatives to fight climate change are underway throughout Québec. The strategy aims to help achieve these initiatives and to promote them in order to inspire others to take action.

For example, the strategy is making it possible to continue implementing the Action‑Climat Québec program This hyperlink will open in a new window. (French). This program supports the development of climate projects by local communities and organizations across Québec.