Want to join a select group of future Indigenous leaders and contribute to the well-being of your community? If so, it’s time to register for the Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) in Indigenous Police Technology.


The ACS in Police Technology is an intensive training program that will quickly equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a police officer.

The program is 1,125 to 1,245 hours (1 year and 4 months) long and is offered as a full-time day program in English and French.

Using a community-based approach, the training is adapted to the needs and realities of Québec’s Indigenous communities and will prepare you for mandatory training at the École nationale de police du Québec (ENPQ).

Where to study

You will have to undertake a two-step training program:

  1. Successfully complete the ACS program in Indigenous Police Technology, offered at the following institutions:

    Collège d’Alma This hyperlink will open in a new window. (training offered in French)
    The next cohort begins in March 2023. 

    Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue This hyperlink will open in a new window. (training offered in English)
    The next cohort : to be confirmed.
  2. Successfully complete the Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling

    The First Nation Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling at the École nationale de police du Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window. is a mandatory 15-week training program offered in French and English.

    As of April 1, 2021, the gouvernement du Québec will cover the cost of training 24 Indigenous students each year at the ENPQ.

Once you have completed this mandatory training, you can continue to learn about the trade through a number of professional development courses and programs of study.

As a police cadet, you will work in training environments that simulate the reality of police work in an Indigenous community environment.

Upon completion of your training at the ENPQ, you will be able to work in an Indigenous police force, the Sûreté du Québec, or in any municipal police force in Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Ambassadors for a new generation of police officers

Tristan Gull

Shyanne Buckshot-Maurice

Mission of indigenous police forces

The mission of Quebec's Indigenous police forces is to

  • maintain peace, order, and public safety in the territory over which they have jurisdiction.
  • prevent and suppress crime and infringements of the laws and regulations applicable in their territory.
  • ensure the safety of people and property.
  • ensure that rights and freedoms are safeguarded.
  • respect victims and be attentive to their needs.
  • support their community.

Of the 55 Indigenous communities in Quebec, 44 are served by an Indigenous police force and 11 are served by the Sûreté du Québec.