The HPV vaccine (Gardasil® 9) is given free of charge to eligible individuals. The vaccines given under the school-based vaccination program are Gardasil® 9 for the first dose and Cervarix® for the second dose. You can have your child vaccinated with two doses of Gardasil® 9 at a CLSC or by a doctor. However, the 2nd would not be free.

For people aged 18 or over, the vaccination program includes three doses of Gardasil® 9.

It is not possible to be reimbursed under the HPV Vaccination Program. This means that if a person who is eligible for the program gets the vaccine in a pharmacy or travel health clinic and pays for the vaccine, the program will not reimburse the cost of the vaccine. 

Other people must pay to receive the vaccine. As fees may vary, contact the place you wish to receive your vaccine at (CLSC, clinic or pharmacy) to inquire about the costs.