General instructions

The vaccine passport is no longer mandatory to access CHSLDs, RIs for seniors and private seniors’ home (RPAs).

Keeping a register of signatures for anyone who accesses a facility is no longer required.

Measures differ depending on whether there is an outbreak in the facility. So, additional measures may apply.

Informal caregivers and visitors must:

  • Comply fully with the basic health instructions;
  • Wear a medical procedural mask in accordance with the current guidelines upon arrival in the facility;
  • Respect the physical distancing of 2 m at all times;
  • Not have been in isolation for COVID-19.

An informal caregiver or a visitor may visit their loved one more than once during the same day.

All residents of private seniors' homes must wear medical procedural mask outside their rental unit, when moving in the corridors, when using the elevator and indoor common areas.