Winter clinics

Measures to increase capacity during the winter

In order to improve access to health services, winter clinics are set up for the population in some regions of Québec during the winter to offer more appointments, in addition to the urgent care and other options offered. They help promote access for people who have flu‑like and gastrointestinal symptoms, while also reducing overcrowding in emergency rooms.

What to do if you feel you need to consult

Before consulting, and depending on your symptoms, self‑care at home is recommended. For advice, go to the Flu‑like symptoms and gastroenteritis page or the Finding a healthy resource page.

How winter clinics work

The clinics are open at least two days a week and can be accessed by people of all ages who have flu‑like or gastrointestinal symptoms. Following an assessment by an Info‑Santé 811 nurse, a person who needs an appointment is referred for a consultation with the right professional in a winter clinic.

List of winter clinics


  • Clinique de médecine familiale et GMF Jonquière
  • GMF Saguenay
  • GMF Montcalm
  • Clinique médicale de la Cité
  • Clinique médicale Mellon 1
  • Clinique médicale Mellon 2


  • Clinique Maizerets - GMF universitaire


  • GMF Centre Médical St-François


  • GMF Centre de Médecine familiale de Granby
  • Clinique médicale GMA de la Rivière
  • GMF-A des Grandes Fourches


  • GMF Centre médical Mieux-Être – Lasalle
  • GMF Centre médical Mieux-Être - HOMA
  • GMF Centre médical Mieux-Être - Henri-Bourassa
  • CLSC de l'Est de Montréal


  • Centre médical Maniwaki
  • Clinique Santé Haute-Gatineau
  • Clinique Grand-Remous
  • CLSC de Gracefield
  • CLSC de Maniwaki
  • GMF d'Aylmer
  • GMF Delta Santé (site principal)
  • GMF Delta Santé (site satellite - Clinique Avicienne)
  • GMF Gatineau
  • Clinique Avicenne (satellite GMF Delta Santé)
  • GMF de Touraine
  • Omni Clinique de l'Outaouais (site principale du GMF Omni-Plateau)
  • Clinique Médicale Champlain (site satellite du GMF Omni-Plateau)


  • Point de service local - Lévis (Start date to come)
  • Point de service local - Saint-Georges (Start date to come)
  • Point de service local - Thetford (Start date to come)
  • GMF Montmagny (Start date to come)


  • GMF Fabreville


  • GMF-U Sud Lanaudière


  • UP Centre d'urgences pédiatriques et soins spécialisés
  • Clinique médicale Sainte-Thérèse
  • GMF des Sommets (Clinique médicale des Sommets)
  • GMF des Sommets (Clinique médicale 201)
  • GMF des Sommets (COOP Santé Saint-Adolphe)
  • GMF Lorraine
  • Clinique familiale Basses-Laurentides
  • Clinique médicale du Grand Tremblant
  • Polyclinique Saint-Eustache
  • GMF-U André-Gagnon
  • Clinique médicale Sainte-Adèle
  • GMF - Centre médical des générations


  • UP Centre d'urgences pédiatriques
  • Centre Médical Longueuil

Remember that babies under three months of age who have a fever need a prompt consultation with a doctor or in the emergency room.

If you or a loved one needs a medical consultation, go to the Find a resource that offers a medical consultation on the same day or in the following days This hyperlink will open in a new window. page.

Last update: February 23, 2024


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