If you or a family member have a health problem or a psychosocial problem, various resources in the health and social services network can help you.

Contact Info-Santé or Info-Social at 811

If you have a non-urgent health problem or psychosocial problem, you can contact Info-Santé or Info-Social by calling 811. A nurse or a psychosocial worker will answer your questions, make recommendations and, if necessary, refer you to an appropriate resource in your territory. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For example, you can call Info-Santé or Info-Social if:

  • you would like a professional’s opinion as to whether or not you should see your doctor or another health professional or go to the emergency room (e.g., you have had the flu for several days or your child woke up with a high fever);
  • you would like advice to treat a minor health problem;
  • you are worried or anxious about a situation or a behaviour;
  • you are having difficulties with your family or with your partner.

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See a doctor or a health and social services professional if it is a non-urgent problem

Depending on your situation, you may need to see a doctor or a health and social services professional. If your health condition or psychosocial needs do not require emergency services, avoid long wait times in the emergency room choose resources that can provide you with services that are better suited to your needs.

If you have a family doctor

Contact the family medicine group (FMG), medical clinic or CLSC (local community services centre) where you usually see your doctor to make an appointment. If you are registered with an FMG, you can make an appointment with another doctor if your own doctor is not available or see another health professional, such as a nurse or a social worker.

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Some vulnerable clienteles, such as older adults experiencing a significant decrease in autonomy and the chronically ill, may be able to access services outside their FMG’s opening hours.

If your doctor believes that your health condition warrants it, he will ask you for your authorization to give your name and health information to the Info-Santé 811 service so that you can get personalized help. Info-Santé professionals may refer you to an available doctor if necessary.

If you do not have a family doctor or if your family doctor is not available

Some resources offer medical consultations on the same day or the next day. Medical consultations at these resources are offered with or without an appointment.

Super clinics offer a range of services to patients who do not have a family doctor or who are registered at another clinic. They meet semi-urgent or simple urgent needs, such as a persistent fever, the flu, an acute sore throat, a urinary tract infection or a cut that needs stitches.

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If you would like to see a psychosocial worker

CLSCs offer an intake, assessment, counselling and referral service for any requests of a social or psychological nature. You may consult a psychosocial worker with or without an appointment, during the day or the evening on weekdays and at certain times on the weekend.

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Go to the emergency room if it is an urgent problem

Go to the nearest emergency room if your life or a family member’s life is in danger or if your condition or a family member's condition needs prompt attention.

For example, you must go to the emergency room if:

  • you have severe breathing difficulties or severe abdominal pain;
  • a family member has suffered a severe injury;
  • a family member is going through a crisis and their mental state presents a danger to themselves or to others.

Most emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you arrive in the emergency room, a nurse will ask you various questions and will assign your case a priority level based on the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale.

After you are assessed, the triage nurse might suggest that you go to a more appropriate resource to have your health problem or psychosocial problem seen to.

If you do have to wait in the emergency room, wait times can vary. The order of priority in which people are seen depends on the number of people and the seriousness of their condition and your condition.

If in doubt, contact Info-Santé or Info-Social by calling 811. If your life or a family member’s life is in danger and you cannot go to the nearest emergency room, call 911.

Online services

Québec Family Doctor Finder

To find a family doctor who is accepting new patients, you must register with the Québec Family Doctor Finder. Your request will be assessed and assigned a priority based on your health condition.

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Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler

The Québec Medical Appointment Scheduler is a free, user-friendly, secure online service that allows you to schedule an appointment in family medicine online.

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Québec Health Booklet

The Québec Health Booklet is a free, user-friendly, secure service that allows you to take charge of your health. It keeps your health information in a single place, accessible from anywhere.

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Additional information

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