Bill 79, An Act to authorize the communication of personal information to the families of Indigenous children who went missing or died after being admitted to an institution, was passed today by the National Assembly. The Bill, introduced by the Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs, Ian Lafrenière, will make it easier to obtain information about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance or death of Indigenous children. It also responds to the 20th and 21st calls for justice in the supplementary report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Throughout the legislative process leading to the passage of Bill 79, the Indigenous families concerned and other key stakeholders were consulted to ensure that the final version provides an adequate response to their needs and priorities. This collaboration marks a turning point in the relationship between Indigenous nations and the Québec government, which is proud to be able to offer grieving families some much-needed relief.

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Last update: September 3, 2021