Improper installation or use of an electric heater, such as a space heater, can cause a fire.


Verify that the seal of a recognized CSA or ULC certification agency is on the unit.

Clear the area around the unit by at least 1 m from all objects and ensure that air can flow freely to it.

Make sure that the unit is stable and that no one can accidentally knock it over.

Make sure you have enough smoke detectors in all the right places.

Keep a portable fire extinguisher on hand and learn know how to use it.

Tips for use

Place the unit away from furniture, curtains, and fabrics.

Plug the unit directly into an outlet without an extension cord.

Make sure the unit has a built-in safety feature that stops it if it tips over.

Never use a heater permanently. Instead, have a proper heating system installed.

Turn off the unit before leaving the room or going to bed.


Improper use of electrical devices and lack of maintenance of your electrical installations can cause a fire. Reduce the risks by following these electrical prevention tips.