Québec Firearms Registry

The Québec Firearms Registry (FIAF) contains the information required by law. 

This information, recorded by the Québec Firearms Registration Service (SIAF), provides public authorities with information on the presence of firearms in Québec and on their owners. It is made available to police forces to assist them in their mission to prevent and suppress crime, including 

  • when responding to a case of domestic violence. Police officers are then able to quickly identify whether firearms are likely to be present at the intervention scene. 
  • when a person's mental state suggests that this individual may use violence to cause self harm and therefore should not have access to a firearm. By knowing which weapons a person owns and where they are kept, the police can intervene more effectively to prevent suicide by removing them pre-emptively. 
  • when police officers have to retrieve firearms from a person following a court-ordered prohibition on firearm possession for a person convicted of a violent crime or, as a preventive measure, when the person's condition poses a danger to him or herself or to others. The information included in the FIAF then facilitates their work.  
  • when police officers are responding to a barricaded person or a sniper. The information recorded in the Québec FIAF on the nature and number of weapons likely to be on the premises can then be useful in establishing a security perimeter and evacuating those present. 
  • when a firearm is seized, found, or otherwise recovered by the police, and the registration allows its traceability and facilitates the tracing of stolen weapons. The information in the FIAF can then be the starting point for a police investigation. 

Firearms registration contributes to public safety by encouraging firearm owners to behave responsibly with firearms registered in their name. 

The SIAF is also responsible for coordinating the transfer of ownership of your firearms and updating your personal and firearms information, including the location of your firearms. 

Last update: May 1, 2023


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