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Purchasing a hunting, fishing or trapping licence at a sales outlet

Hunters, anglers, and trappers can purchase their licences at a sales outlet. They can simply go on location and buy them. 

Some parks, outfitters, ZECs and wildlife reserves sell licences but are not on the following list. Please contact these establishments to inquire if they offer the licence selling service

List of sales agents

Refer to the list of sales outlets where the licence selling service is available in your region.

Find a sales outlet

Become a sales agent

If you are a merchant, you can apply to become a hunting, fishing, or trapping licence sales agent. You must fill out the “Sales agent information (PDF 194 Kb)” form  and send it to the email below:

Contact the Direction principale de la relation citoyenne et de l’expertise en données

For more information on the process, you may refer to the document entitled “Admissibility criteria considered in the analysis of a request to become hunting, fishing, and trapping licence sales agent” (PDF 40 Kb).

For more details, contact the Department’s customer service.

Ordering of licences and supplies by a sales agent

Hunting, fishing or trapping licence sales agents must fill out this form to order licences and supplies This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French) for the use of sales terminal.

In addition, they must complete a sales report (PDF 287 Kb) (in French) each year. 

Last update: February 6, 2024


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