These part-time courses are intended for immigrants living in Québec. They will allow you to improve your French in a specific field of employment, whether for work or study.

Specialized French courses are available in the following fields of employment:

  • Administration, law and business
  • Engineering and applied sciences
  • Health
  • Nursing

If you want to work or study in one of these fields, the courses will allow you to improve:

  • your vocabulary
  • your communication with colleagues and clientele
  • your ability to read and write texts

If you are registered for one of these courses, you can also register for specialized online modules in your field that are offered on a self-learning basis. To find out more, visit the page on How to register for French courses entirely online.

French level

The specialized courses are available in Intermediate and advanced levels.

A phone interview to assess your knowledge of French may be necessary:

  • Duration of 15 to 30 minutes 
  • Oral and written evaluation, depending on your knowledge of French.

If your knowledge of French is not sufficient for you to take the specialized course of your choice, you must first take a general French course adapted to your level.


The course schedule depends on the institution where you are registering.

There are 11 weeks of lessons per session.

Course information:

  • Remote
  • Twice a week
  • Lessons of 3 hours each

Prerequisites for remote learning

Computer equipment

You must have:

  • A computer or tablet that can support the videoconference application
  • A computer or tablet with a camera and microphone
  • Adequate Internet access
  • A personal email address (used only by you)
  • A keyboard (preferably in French)
  • Headset, if necessary.

Technological skills

You must be able to use your computer equipment in order to participate in the remote educational activities. For example, you must be able to:

  • Open an email
  • Access the online learning platforms
  • Participate in the videoconferences

Work space

You must have a calm and isolated work space to facilitate learning.

Participation in activities

You must attend and actively participate in all individual and group educational activities.

Free of charge

Courses and school materials are free.