You can request that your personal and social involvement as a student be recognized on your college transcript.

Your involvement allows you to:

  • stand out from the crowd in the eyes of an employer
  • make an application for admission to college or university that sets you apart from the rest
  • discover exciting new challenges
  • achieve your full potential
  • confirm your academic choices


Cultural and artistic

Activities that involve creating, producing, organizing or exhibiting work that enriches cultural life

Sustainable development

Activities aimed at raising awareness of environmental, social and economic issues related to sustainable development, including sharing knowledge and promoting responsible action and involvement for the benefit of current and future generations. This area recognizes skills such as leadership, organization, teamwork and interpersonal communication.


Activities that put the student at the heart of a business project


Activities aimed at defending the rights and interests of students or other social groups, and participating in provincial, national and international social debates


Scientific or technical activities that involve research, testing or popularization


Activities that are an extension of the student's program of study and career path

Social and community

Activities that improve the quality of life of members of a community and contribute to promoting greater civic engagement


Activities involving not only student athletes, but also student coaches and student members of sports committees


To register, contact the person in charge of recognizing student involvement at your college.