The requirements for admission to Québec universities differ from those in other institutions in North America. Admission is granted after 13 years of school instead of 12 years due to the minimum of 2 years of pre-university college studies in Québec.

Admission to undergraduate studies generally requires that you have a Diploma of College Studies (DCS).

If you do not have a DCS, you may be admitted by meeting the requirements established by the university (interrupted studies, relevant experience on the job market or university readiness training). For more information about admission requirements, refer to the website of the university you are interested in.

Other requirements may also be taken into account for programs with limited enrolment, including the R score, or CRC (côte de rendement au collégial).

Canadian (non-residents of Québec) and international students

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents must provide proof of their Québec resident status by filling out the Attestation of Québec Resident Status (PDF 68 Kb).

Individuals from other Canadian provinces or territories as well as international students can find all the necessary information on specific admission requirements on the website of the university they are interested in.

University Prerequisites pathway

Students who must complete one or more courses to meet the requirements for admission to a university program can choose the University Prerequisites (PDF 338 Kb) pathway, which can be offered at all universities.


For more information on the admission process, refer to the website of the university you are interested in.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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