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Sociovocational Integration program in adult general education

Sociovocational Integration Services are intended to provide adult learners with the means to develop their employability, to enter the labour market and to remain employed. These services are also available to adult learners who wish to continue their studies. 

The program of study offered under these services reflects a view of vocational development that encourages adult learners to take charge of their own learning so that they can develop the competencies they will need to meet the challenges associated with the new realities of the world of work. It may lead to a Training Certificate in Sociovocational Integration of Adults (TCSIA) or a Training Certificate for a Semiskilled Trade (TCST).

A bridge providing access to vocational training remains in place. The admission requirements are as follows: to hold a Training Certificate for a Semiskilled Trade, to be at least 16 years of age and to have successfully completed the Secondary II courses in language of instruction, second language and mathematics. The programs leading to a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) that are accessible through this provisional bridge are listed in the document Services and Programs of Study - Vocational Training (PDF 898 Kb) for the current school year.

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Last update: May 24, 2024


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