Victims and witnesses

It is important not to ignore homophobia and transphobia. 

If you are a victim of a homophobic or transphobic action, or a witness of such an action, the first thing you can do is talk to somebody who can provide advice or assistance.

At school or at home, you can talk to an adult you trust, such as

  • one of your parents;
  • a close relative (such as a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or friend);
  • a teacher;
  • a special education teacher;
  • your school principal.

At your workplace, you can discuss the situation with

  • a fellow worker you trust;
  • your immediate supervisor;
  • your union representative;
  • a human resources staff member.

As a witness or victim, and whatever your situation, you should contact the police force in your municipality to obtain assistance or report an incident.

You can also request assistance from one of several organizations, which may be able to provide

  • counselling and assistance by phone or Internet;
  • support services;
  • advice.

Last update: September 25, 2023


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