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Northern Action Plan

The Northern Action Plan 2020‑2023 is a government strategy that aims to put in place the conditions necessary for "Living in the North" and to respond to the priorities set out by the players of Quebec's northern territory.

The Government of Quebec will carry out 49 concrete actions in the short term. These actions will ensure benefits in the social, economic and environmental sectors north of the 49th parallel.


The Société du Plan Nord coordinates the deployment of the Northern Action Plan. Nearly 20 ministries and organizations are participating in its implementation in partnership with stakeholders in the northern territory.

This plan provides for investments of more than $1.4 billion, of which nearly $800 million will come from the Government of Quebec, over a three‑year period.

Seven actions of the Northern Action Plan related to the social and cultural development of the First Nations and Inuit people have been integrated into the Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit 2017‑2022. This linkage ensures the coherence and efficiency of government action in this area.


The Northern Action Plan is structured around four major orientations that guide its various actions. They are listed below, with some examples of actions:

Orientation 1: Optimized access to the northern territory

Build or upgrade infrastructure to facilitate the transportation of people and goods throughout the northern territory:

  • Continue work to extend Highway 138
  • Continue work on Phase I of the Billy-Diamond Road upgrade
  • Continue the development of the infrastructure of the Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire

Orientation 2: A robust, diversified economic fabric

Bolster the economic development of Quebec’s northern territory by relying on entrepreneurship, economic diversification, local spinoffs from major projects and corporate social responsibility:

  • Support entrepreneurs and tourism organizations
  • Improve the capacity of the territory's suppliers to meet the needs of the mining and forestry sectors
  • Support the training of the northern workforce

Orientation 3: An attractive, dynamic living environment

Promote a unique territory and foster a quality living environment by improving the living conditions of northern communities:

  • Develop a territorial marketing strategy
  • Deploy a high‑speed Internet network
  • Enhance the community greenhouse development program to promote food security

Orientation 4: A northern environment to be preserved

Implement innovative models of land conservation and environmental protection:

  • Create a Northern Wildlife Fund
  • Have the Nibiischii National Park, the Albanel‑Mistassini‑and‑Waconichi Lakes Wildlife Reserve and the Assinica Wildlife Reserve developed by the Cree Nation
  • Optimize the management of residual materials in the North

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Last update: February 23, 2023


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