Africa Strategy

The Government of Québec launched its Africa Strategy on December 8, 2021, under the theme “Pathway to Economic Growth: Concerted and Sustainable Action on the African Continent.” The Strategy stems from Québec’s International Vision and aims to strengthen and renew Québec’s action in Africa.

Several countries on the continent have experienced sustained growth in recent years and are highly promising markets for Québec, which is seeking to expand and diversify its exports.

Africa is also a continent where the Francophonie is well represented. Estimates suggest that Africans will account for 85% of the world’s Francophones by 2050. According to the Observatory of the Economic Francophonie (OFE–Observatoire de la Francophonie économique), sharing a common language increases bilateral trade by 44%.

The Africa Strategy is based on five pillars: economy, education and higher learning, culture, international solidarity and institutional capacity building. In addition to supporting Québec exporting companies, it also strives to foster the emergence of institutional partnerships. It is therefore a true multisector bridge between Québec and Africa for the mutual benefit of the people of Québec and Africa.

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Concrete actions

Several actions will be implemented, including:

  • An investment of more than $54 million, which includes the establishment of a five-year $50 million budget by Investissement Québec. This amount that has been earmarked for the African continent is intended to assist Québec companies wishing to export to Africa, as well as to increase and consolidate their presence in African markets. Québec’s three government offices in Africa, located in Dakar, Abidjan and Rabat, are already working to provide support to business people.
  • Workers and students from Africa contribute significantly to the economic development of Québec and its regions. In light of the workforce shortage, Québec will make itself more attractive to African workers and students. Recruitment activities are set to increase in this pool of Francophones.
  • Québec will also promote its expertise and know-how in governance and institutional capacity building in Francophone Africa.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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