The 2022-2026 Strategy to Promote the Recognition of School Staff presents actions aimed at recognizing and highlighting the contribution of school staff in schools, vocational training centres and adult education centres. A total of nearly $140 million will be invested.

The Strategy’s various actions will help provide a rewarding, engaging and caring work environment for all school staff (teachers, non-teaching professionals, support staff and administrators). Here are some of the Strategy’s key actions:

  • Set up a pilot project to provide teaching staff with teacher’s aides in 100 elementary schools ($21.3M)
    • A pilot project to hire teacher’s aides (2 FTE, which is equivalent to two or more people per institution) will be set up in 100 elementary schools in Québec. This action will explore ways to develop a collaborative vision of education, to recognize the role of teachers in their main expertise and to leverage the skills of other staff members.
  • Support local actions aimed at recognizing school staff ($43.6M)
    • Educational organizations will be given the means to implement recognition actions that will mobilize both local communities and school staff, to create a lasting culture of collaboration within their organization and to foster a caring work environment.
  • Improve the supervision of student teachers ($18.9M)
    • Financial assistance offered to school service centres and school boards will be increased to encourage the participation of a large number of teachers who supervise student teachers. This action will help improve the initial education of future teachers and thus foster the educational success of students.