Getting Better My Way digital tool

Getting Better My Way is a digital self-management tool for emotional health. In addition to the advice presented on this web page, this tool can help improve your well-being by identifying practical actions for you to put in place that are tailormade for your situation. To learn more, go to the the Getting Better My Way digital tool page.

Most people know someone suffering from a mental illness. Mental illness is common to such an extent that 1 in 5 people will suffer from it over the course of their life. Yet it is poorly understood. Discover all the information and advice available to help you learn more about mental health.

Mental health in the COVID-19 pandemic

Living with mental illness

Living with mental illness is not always easy, both for the people suffering from it and the people around them. Learn how to cope better with the situation by consulting the following pages:

Preventing mental illness and its consequences

No one is immune to mental illness. Anyone can be affected, regardless of age or social status. To learn how to prevent mental illness and its consequences, for yourself and those around you, consult the following pages: