The Motivational Interviewing in the Maternity Ward for the Immunization of Children (EMMIE) Program is a provincial program to promote vaccination. The aim of the program is to improve the health of children in Québec by promoting vaccination for them.

The Program consists of providing parents with a personalized session to discuss vaccination when their child is born. This session will allow an open dialogue to be established between the immunization counsellor and the parents.

Participation in the EMMIE Program is voluntary.


Any parent whose child is born in a healthcare institution in Québec where births take place can receive a visit from the immunization counsellor free of charge.


If your child is born in one of the participating institutions, an immunization counsellor will come to see you before you leave the hospital. You don’t have to do anything in particular for this visit to take place.

Discussing vaccination with the immunization counsellor can help you with your reflection by providing you with new information. If you want, the immunization counsellor can recommend reliable documents or websites that you can consult to find out more about vaccination. He or she will answer your questions and give you the recommended immunization schedule for your child.

If you want, the immunization counsellor will tell you about the procedure to follow to have your child vaccinated.

The EMMIE Program is currently offered in most maternity wards in Québec. Deployment in all maternity wards ends in 2022.