Transporting the body

The donor’s next-of-kin generally do not have to pay for transportation of the body to the academic institution. These institutions collect bodies for free up to a distance of 250 km (60 km in the case of McGill University). However, when the distance covered to pick up the body is greater, next-of-kin are charged a transportation fee for the additional distance.

Private funeral arrangements and recovery of the body or ashes

After the study period, institutions proceed with the burial or cremation of the donor’s body. The body or the ashes are buried in a private cemetery plot at no cost to next-of-kin. However, they may wish to conduct a religious ceremony or to have the body buried in a particular place. In such instances, the ceremony and burial are at the next-of-kin’s expense. Some institutions charges for the recovery of ashes.

Last update: September 28, 2021


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