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Since March 12, 2022, the vaccination passport is no longer required in Quebec. It is still possible to keep your proof of vaccination in digital format in the VaxiCode application.

Presenting a proof of vaccination remains mandatory, according to federal government requirements, for travel within and outside Canada, by train, plane or cruise ship.

VaxiCode is an application for citizens to download and read the full content of their own QR code, present their proof of vaccination, keep it in a digital wallet and show it to gain admittance where needed.

You are not obliged to use the VaxiCode application to meet the vaccine passport requirement. You can also show a PDF or a printed copy of your QR code.

VaxiCode is the only application for the public that is recognized by the Québec government that contains up-to-date info on public health rules. The application is free and secure.

VaxiCode can be downloaded for free on the usual platforms.

Download VaxiCode on the App Store

Download VaxiCode on Google Play

Technical requirements

The application VaxiCode, intended for public use, must be downloaded on a smart phone or a tablet. It is free and available in the App Store for Apple devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

For the application to work on Apple devices, you must have an iPod Touch, an iPhone 6 or an iPad with iOS 11 software installed. Any more recent version will also work.

For the application to work on Android devices, version 8.1 or later must be installed.

A standard Internet connection is necessary for downloading and updating the application. It is important to keep on top of updates to ensure the application is working properly and displaying the most recent QR code, for example in the event of a change in public health recommendations. By updating the application, the latest public health recommendations will be included. It is strongly recommended to connect the device to the Internet so updates are done automatically every day.

The latest version of the application is 1.2.1 on iOS and 1.2.1 on Android.

Data protection

Your data is protected. When you register a proof of vaccination in VaxiCode, it is saved with encryption. VaxiCode does not communicate with the Internet and the proof never leaves the application, which acts as a secure wallet.

Verification by VaxiCode Verif

A person who uses VaxiCode Verif to verify your proof of vaccination cannot see your personal data. In addition to a “green” (adequately protected) or “red” (not adequately protected), VaxiCode Verif only displays the full name of the holder of the proof of vaccination. No other identifying or medical information is displayed. The person verifying the proof will not have access to your date of birth, which vaccines you have received or your COVID-19 screening test results.

Moreover, no information is saved by the telephone or tablet that scanned it at the time of verifying the QR code on your proof of vaccination. Your information will be displayed for 10 seconds. No information is transmitted. There is no history of verifications of proof and no one can find out this information. Therefore, it is not possible to check your verifications, your movements or where you presented your proof.

Recommended use

For additional security, during a verification, it is recommended that you show only your QR code, hiding any other information. Present the QR code for your most recent dose. If you have received two doses of vaccine and present the QR code for your first dose, a "Not adequately protect" status message will appear.

Also note that other readers can read the QR code. In Québec, you must ensure that the application being used to read your QR code is VaxiCode Verif, the application authorized by the government of Québec. To do so, the application VaxiCode Verif has the “Québec” logo on the verification screen. You can ask the person verifying the proof to show you the screen of his or her device before presenting your code.

Scanners in other jurisdictions can read your QR code when you’re travelling.

QR code

To download your QR code to be included in the application VaxiCode Verif and learn more, see How to obtain your vaccine passport.

COVID-19 Protection Status

For additional information on the criteria that determine whether you are adequately protected against COVID-19 in Québec, see COVID-19 Protection Status.


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Last update: March 14, 2022


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