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Vaccinated for COVID-19 outside Québec: using the Vaccination Registry

Québec residents vaccinated against COVID-19 abroad can sign up at the Québec Vaccination Registry and get their next dose in Québec, if necessary, by booking an appointment at a designated vaccination centre. They can also sign up their two doses administrated.


Access the Clic Santé platform and book an appointment at one of the designated regional vaccination centres for people who were vaccinated outside Québec.

Make an appointment in a vaccination centre

General notice

Service in English is reserved for individuals covered by the exceptions stipulated in the Charter of the French language. If you have navigated to this content, you confirm in good faith that you are such an individual.

Please show your ID when you arrive at the vaccination centre, as well as a legible proof of vaccination from the country where you were vaccinated. You need these proofs to be registered and vaccinated here. Information on your documents will be verified to ensure that the vaccine you received has been authorized by the World Health Organization and that you are within the dose time frame for this vaccine.

If there is a compliance problem with the information shown on your proof, you will be so advised and invited to take your shot at the vaccination site immediately or return at a later date.

If the information your proof is acceptable, it will be added to the Vaccination Registry and electronic proof of vaccination will be sent to you. Qualifying criteria for receiving the electronic proof are available at How to obtain your vaccine passport.

Important information

Please note that you can book a single appointment for more than one person through Clic Santé, for example a couple returning from a trip who have both been vaccinated. However, proof of vaccination will only be sent to the email address you entered at Clic Santé.

If your personal information or the brand of the vaccine were not entered or are illegible on your proof of vaccination, they will not be accepted.

The Québec Vaccination Registry only accepts information supported by documentary proof, not affirmation by registrants. If the vaccine that was used for the first dose is not available at the centre at the time the appointment, a different product may be used (ideally a vaccine based on the same technology. For example, if your first dose was with a Messenger RNA vaccine such as Moderna or Pfizer, the second dose should be with a Messenger RNA vaccine to the extent possible, and within the timeframe window recommended by the Québec Immunization Protocol. The recommended timeframe window is available at Second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Last update: June 5, 2023


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