Employers (private companies and community organizations) may have access to free COVID-19 rapid tests for staff located in Québec.

No tests are assigned for routine screening of asymptomatic employees.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should not report to the workplace. It is recommended to take a rapid test at home.

Get information on how to procure rapid tests for a business.

Get information on using rapid tests.


The employer who receives rapid tests must:

  • Continue infection protection and control measures
  • Invite their employees to view the manufacturer’s training videos and read the manufacturer’s fact sheets
  • Inform employees from priority groups who test positive on a rapid test that they may, if they wish, get a laboratory test at a designated testing centre to confirm their rapid test result
  • Agree not to sell the rapid tests or use them for any purpose other than testing their staff

Reporting the result

It is important to report the results of your rapid test by completing the self-reporting form for each rapid test performed, regardless of whether the result is positive or negative.

The rapid test results reported are used for statistical purposes only to track the use of these tests. The results you report will not be recorded in your proof of vaccination. They will not change the protection status of your vaccine passport.