About midwifery services

Midwives are health professionals who provide care during pregnancy, delivery and for up to 6 weeks after birth. Midwives only provide care to women who are having a normal pregnancy. For example, a midwife may not provide care to a woman whose pregnancy is at risk or who is expecting twins.

Midwifery practice is based on respect for pregnancy and childbirth. They are seen as normal physiological processes and meaningful events in a woman’s life.

Midwifery services are part of Québec’s health and social services network. Midwifery services are always provided in collaboration with a referral hospital centre, in particular for tests or urgent care.

Midwives’ scope of practice is defined in the Midwives Act This hyperlink will open in a new window.. Midwives are health professionals who have completed a 4-year university program. They are members of the Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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