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Public register of representation measures

The Public register of representation measures is a public record of information about represented persons and their legal representatives. This register is produced and updated by the Curateur public du Québec.

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The register includes:

  • tutorships to a person of full age;
  • tutorships to minors;
  • authorized temporary representations;
  • homologated protection mandates.

Among other things, the register contains:

  • the file number assigned by the Curateur public;
  • the first name and last name of the represented person;
  • the first name and last name of legal representative(s);
  • the date on which the protective supervision regime began and the judgment number;
  • the nature of the responsibilities;
  • changes made to the judgment, if any (for details of the court’s findings, see the judgment)

The fact that a person is under a representation measure is public information. The intention is to protect the person themselves and those dealing with them or providing them with services. This information is especially useful to:

  • medical staff when treating patients with an unknown medical history and legal background;
  • lawyers or notaries hired to prepare a protection mandate or a will;
  • any other person who needs to check whether a person is under representation measure.

Last update: May 30, 2023


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