An ethanol fireplace is a decorative device and should not be used to heat a room. Ethanol is a liquid fuel that can produce irritating and flammable fumes. Misuse of an ethanol fireplace can cause a fire.


Consult your municipal regulations to find out the standards for installation and use of this type of device.

Choose a model that is certified to meet Canadian standards This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Clear the area around the unit of all objects and ensure that air can flow freely to it.

Make sure that the unit is stable and that no one can accidentally knock it over.

Make sure you have enough smoke detectors in all the right places.

Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the room where the unit is located and near the bedrooms.

Keep a portable fire extinguisher on hand and learn how to use it.

Tips for use

Always follow the unit manufacturer's instructions and use the recommended ethanol at all times.

Never refill a hot burner. Have a second stove on standby to let the unit cool down or wait at least 15 minutes before proceeding.

Keep all smoking items and open flames (matches, candles, lighters, etc.) at a safe distance.

Use long matches or lighters to keep a safe distance when lighting.

Store ethanol safely out of the reach of children and away from heat sources.