My Fishing and Hunting Account is a platform that gathers together various online services for hunting, fishing and trapping enthusiasts. 

General notice

Only licences without transportation coupons are available. Visit a licence sales outlet to purchase other types of licences. 

By using this new tool, you can:

  • purchase your licence,
  • add your certificate number,
  • link your introductory hunting licence authorization number,
  • view your active licences and download them,
  • see your online purchase history and invoices.

My Fishing and Hunting Account allows you to purchase your licence from the comfort of your home or near a body of water without having to go to a store. Simply save your licence on your phone or print it. If necessary, you can reprint it if it deteriorates or if you lose it.

Create an account

The platform is free, safe and easy to use. To create your account, you will need an email address and password.

By linking your certificate number to it, you will consolidate all your services in the same location and, therefore, on your cell phone as needed.

The online purchase of your licence is signed electronically. Make sure your personal information is correct.

You cannot buy a licence for another person. Each account is personal.

The platform is only accessible in North America.