means fishing, by means of a line or a rod and line to which is attached a hook that may be baited, including fly fishing but not including fishing by means of a night line.

Artificial lure:

a spoon, minnow lure, artificial fly or any other device made up of feathers, fibres, rubber, wood, metal, plastic or other similar materials and equipped with one or more fish hooks.

Bait trap:

a small hoopnet, without wing or leader, made of plastic or wire mesh, fastened to hoops or frames, measuring no more than 60 cm in length and 25 cm in diameter, equipped with funnelshaped openings, the smallest diameter of which does not exceed 2.5 cm.

Freshwater fish:

this fish category includes anadromous species, living at sea and spawning in freshwater, as well as catadromous species, living in freshwater and spawning at sea.

Landing net:

a pocketshaped net whose biggest dimension does not exceed 90 cm mounted on a frame.

Lift net (square net):

a net made of netting or plastic or wire mesh whose stretched does not exceed 2.5 cm, mounted usually on a squareshaped frame whose biggest dimension is not more than 1.3 m in its fully extended length and is suspended with a rope.

Metal core fishing line:

fly fishing line which, when it is firmly folded and released, remains folded.

Night line:

line to which hooks spaced apart from one another are attached. This definition does not include a line used for angling.

Other species:

ain the regulatory grid, "other species" includes species that are not mentioned in an enumeration. This mention varies from case to case. Therefore, when a species of fish subject to the regulations in force is not named, then the rules of "other species" apply to it.


a person domiciled in Québec who has lived there at least 183 days during the year preceding fishing activity or an application for a licence.


refers to the de facto spouse who has lived in a marriage relationship for at least one year, and the spouse.


a device that closes a metal loop around the tail of a fish and is used in landing it.

Unweighted line:

a fly fishing line to which no external weight is attached.



To identify a fish species, please refer to the Québec's freshwater fish poster This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French).

Allis shad:

includes American shad and gizzard shad, unless indicated otherwise in the text.


includes small-mouthed bass and largemouth bass.


includes brown bullhead, yellow bullhead and stonecat.


includes brook trout and Arctic char, unless otherwise indicated in the text.

Lake trout:

includes lake trout and splake.

Landlocked salmon:

freshwater Atlantic salmon.


includes muskellunge and tiger muskellunge.


includes longear sunfish, bluegill, rock bass and pumpkinseed sunfish.


includes redfin pickerel, chain pikerel, grass pikerel and northern pike.

Redhorse (new name for suckers):

includes river redhorse, silver redhorse, copper redhorse, the greater redhorse and the shorthead redhorse, unless otherwise indicated in the text.


anadromous Atlantic salmon, unless otherwise indicated in the text: 

  • big salmon: salmon 63 cm or more in length;
  • small salmon: salmon of at least 30 cm in length, but less than 63 cm.

Sea trout:

refers to anadromous brook trout.


includes lake sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon.


includes the northern sucker and the white sucker.


includes rainbow trout, brown trout and cutthroat trout.


includes yellow walleye and sauger, unless otherwise indicated in the text.


includes lake whitefish, cisco and round whitefish..