The general sport hunting rules are updated and published every two years. This section presents the main new measures that came into force for the period from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2024.

Moose hunting in zones 2 and 27

For the 2023 season, hunting the female is prohibited throughout all of zone 2. In controlled zones (ZECs) located in zone 2, hunting the female and fawn is prohibited. Hunting the female and fawn is also prohibited in zone 27. These measures are aimed at fostering the growth of the moose populations in these hunting zones.

Consult the hunting seasons for moose

Consult the moose hunting seasons in ZECs

Certificate and licence

Removal of code “B” from the hunter’s certificate.

The Introduction to Hunting with Bows and Crossbows course is now required for any new applicant who wishes to hunt with a bow or crossbow. This training is used to obtain the code “A” on the hunter’s certificate.

See Hunting Licence and Certificate Instructions.

White-tailed deer introductory weekend

New hunters in all three novice categories can participate in the annual random draw for special antlerless deer hunting licences.

Educational licences and pre-registration are no longer required to participate in this weekend.

View information on the white-tailed deer hunting introductory weekend.

Hunting gear

It is now permissible to use an ambient sound amplifier such as earphones or a headset when hunting.

See the authorized gear.

Restrictions on shooting from a public road

Zone 15 East has been added to the list of areas where it is prohibited to shoot an animal from a public road.

See restrictions on shooting from a public road.

Proof of registration required for export

To export big game or part of it, including fur, outside Québec, transportation coupons and proof of registration are used as authorization.

See Export big game outside Québec.


In some areas of the Laurentides, Outaouais and Montérégie, hunters who have harvested a white-tailed deer must have it tested and registered at a registration station located in the same zone or sub-zone where it was harvested.

See the important reminders on game registration.

Regulatory Information