You can apply online to the Registraire des entreprises to obtain:

  • a certified or uncertified copy of a document filed with the enterprise register, the central enterprise database (documents dating from before 1994) or the database of public authorities
  • a certificat d’attestation (certificate of attestation) confirming the status of a registrant's registration in the enterprise register
  • a certificate of regularity (documents produced before 1994)

Apply online

You can save and exit the online application service at any time and return to complete your application later. Your data will be kept for 30 days.

Request a copy of documents or a certificat d’attestation

The certification number supplied with the certificat de conformité and the certificat d’attestation can be used to check the validity of the document using the online service Vérifier un numéro de certification This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only). It also allows you to view the certificat d’attestation and documents relating to the certificate of conformity.

Copy of a document filed with the enterprise register

A certified or uncertified copy is a copy that the Registraire des entreprises certifies as a true copy of the document filed in the register.

To request a copy of a document relating to an enterprise, you need the enterprise's file number (Québec enterprise number [NEQ], central enterprise database file number [FCE] or database of public authorities file number), which you can obtain using the online service Find an Enterprise in the Enterprise Register.

Certificat d’attestation confirming the status of an enterprise's registration in the enterprise register

A certificat d’attestation states the enterprise’s date of registration or the fact that it is not registered. It also states:

  • if the enterprise has failed to file one or more annual updating declarations
  • if the enterprise has failed to comply with a request from the Registraire des entreprises
  • if the enterprise is being wound up or dissolved
  • if the enterprise is cancelled.

The certificat d’attestation from the enterprise register should not be confused with the attestation from Revenu Québec, which is required to respond to a public call for tenders or to enter into a contract by mutual agreement.

To obtain a certificate from Revenu Québec, visit the Revenu Québec website This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Certificat de régularité confirming the production of annual reports due on December 31, 1993

To request a certificat de régularité from the enterprise register, you need the enterprise's file number. It corresponds to the central enterprise database (FCE) number assigned to it, and not to its NEQ (Québec enterprise number). Select Attestation from the list of requested documents.

Before requesting a certificat d’attestation or certificat de regularité, we suggest you check that the enterprise's file is up to date.

Fees and terms of payment

Here are the rates for each request.

Type of requestRegular ratePriority rate
Copy of a document$5$7.50

Certified copy of a document

Certificat d’attestation$24$36

Making a payment

A payment can be made by credit card at the very end of the application, at the Accusé de réception stage.

If you choose another payment method, you will need Acrobat Reader to print out a payment slip. You will need to enclose this slip with your cheque or money order or present it when you pay in person at a Services Québec office.

Please note that your application will be processed only after payment has been received, and that payment must be received by the Registraire des entreprises within 10 working days of transmitting the application.