Provide students with different opportunities to participate in school life.

  • Invite students to sit on certain committees (e.g. student council, co-operation council, governing board, schoolyard beautification, schoolyard leader).
  • Invite students to contribute to the development of school rules and safety guidelines.
  • Assign certain responsibilities to students, such as coordinating the collection of recyclable materials or acting as timekeeper during an activity.

This action is aligned with the following frameworks:

Provide students with a variety of opportunities to get involved in projects, including initiatives that showcase the school.

  • Promote a culture of respect, equality, non-violence and openness to diversity in schools (e.g. participate by acting as a mediator).
  • Create an environment conducive to health and well-being (e.g. offer young people opportunities to get involved in planning healthy eating options, give them tools to advocate for a smoke-free environment, invite them to promote environmental protection and safe, healthy behaviours).
  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Protect the natural environment and promote environmentally responsible behaviours (e.g. reducing, reusing and recycling, critical distance in relation to consumption).
  • Participate in building the school’s identity.

This action item is aligned with the following framework:

Last update: March 20, 2024


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