Fostering the participation and social engagement of young people and their families

Collaborate on a variety of projects that reflect the interests of young people, families and the community

Projects might relate to:

  • promoting lifestyle habits that lead to community success, health and well-being (e.g. building parks and playgrounds, youth relations and representation with local authorities, community gardens)
  • creating a just, equitable and peaceful society (e.g. mutual assistance among community members, intergenerational projects, volunteering for community organizations)
  • strengthening of the sense of community (e.g. spring cleaning in parks, planting trees and plants).

This action is aligned with the following framework:

Foster and encourage family participation and engagement in community projects

  • Share information with families and young people.
  • Consult with families and young people regarding planned projects and invite them to participate.
  • Make community partners aware of the importance of considering the reality of families when organizing activities (e.g. family members’ schedules, cultural differences, financial means, transportation).
  • Make a meeting space available to family and youth participants.

Last update: March 20, 2024


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