Supporting family participation in school life

Organize activities in which families are invited to participate, taking into account their circumstances

  • Propose student-driven activities, including invitations.
  • Plan activities aimed at families, community members and young people (e.g. various extracurricular sports, recreational, artistic and cultural activities, special events or rituals, especially at the start of the school year).
  • Offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to allow families to participate in school life, whether:
    • at home: repairing books, sewing, writing school communications
    • at the school itself
    • during outings: acting as a guide or chaperone, organizing and leading various activities

Invite families to join various school committees

  • Implement measures to promote parental involvement (e.g. provide childcare or transportation assistance, accommodate family members’ schedules).
  • Provide a space for families working on projects to meet (e.g. meetings of the parent participation organization).
  • Consult families about proposed actions and encourage them to help implement them (e.g. actions related to local framework policy on healthy eating and active living, involvement in developing the educational project).
  • Carry out personalized follow-up with families to encourage their participation.

Last update: March 20, 2024


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