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Report an act of sexual violence against a student

Make a report

If you wish to make a report, you can use the online form. The National Student Ombudsman’s assistance and admissibility team will process your request within 48 working hours.

You can report an act of sexual violence  1 Read the content of the note 1 against a student who attends an educational institution within the jurisdiction of:

  • a school service centre.
  • an English school board.
  • the private sector.
  • vocational training.
  • adult education.
  • or if a student is homeschooled.

A report may be made to a regional student ombudsman by:

  • a teacher.
  • a non-teaching professional who works within the school system.
  • an employee or a member of an educational institution’s managerial staff.
  • another student or a parent of the student.
  • etc.

These reports are fast-tracked. The information that identifies the person is kept confidential, unless the person consents to its disclosure. If a regional student ombudsman considers it necessary, he or she can disclose the person’s identity to the Director of Youth Protection or to the police force concerned.

Regional student protectors may process a case of sexual violence on their own initiative.

Contact the National student ombudsman

  • Footer note number 1
     "The concept of sexual violence refers to any form of violence committed through sexual practices or by targeting sexuality, including sexual assault. It also refers to any other misconduct, including that relating to sexual and gender diversity, in such forms as unwanted direct or indirect gestures, comments, behaviours or attitudes with sexual connotations, including by a technological means." For further information about acts of sexual violence, see the page on the forms of violence.
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Last update: August 29, 2023


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