Secondary school (vocational training or adult education), college and university education

If you have a recognized disability and wish to obtain specialized services or material resources required to pursue your studies, you absolutely must contact your educational institution to meet the person responsible for integrating disabled students before filing your application.

This individual will first verify whether the types of assistance you require are offered directly through your educational institution or whether you must apply to Aide financière aux études.

The Allowance for Special Needs Program is intended for you if you have a major functional disability or another recognized disability.

It provides financial assistance for the various types of support required to offset the effects of your disability and enable you to pursue your studies at an educational institution (specialized services, paratransit services and housing allowance) or at home (material resources), if applicable, provided those needs are not already covered by another program or organization. Material resources exclude furnitures (chairs, tables, adapted beds, etc.), digital touch-screen devices (MP3, smartphone, etc.) and electronic tablets.

The eligible types of assistance vary according to the studies pursued (the student must be registered as full time or part time):

Studies pursuedSpecialized services Paratransit and special needs housingMaterial resources
Secondary school (vocational training or adult education)CoveredCoveredCovered
College (public – preuniversity or technical education)Not coveredCoveredNot covered
College (subsidized private – preuniversity or technical education)Not coveredCoveredNot covered
College (non-subsidized private – preuniversity or technical education)CoveredCoveredCovered
College outside QuébecCoveredCoveredCovered
University in Québec (undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level)Not coveredCoveredNot covered
University outside Québec (undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level)CoveredCoveredCovered
Québec government schoolNot coveredCoveredNot covered

Deadline for filing an application

The prescribed period for applying for a special needs allowance expires 60 days after the last month of study of the current award year.

If the Application for a Special Needs Allowance was filed after the period of study for which you required forms of assistance, you must submit the recommendation for this period of study together with the receipts and paid invoices for that assistance so that the exact amount of the allowance can be determined.

Deadline for requesting a change to your file

You must send us your request for a change to your file no later than 60 days following the end of the last month of studies of the current award year.

Deadline for sending supporting documents

You must send us your supporting documents no later than 30 days following the end of the period of study concerned. The documents that are available when the Recommendation on Types of Assistance Required form is sent can be attached to that form.

At the end of each period of study, you must send all your receipts and paid invoices to Aide financière aux études, preferably in one envelope.

Please be sure to keep a copy of all your documents (receipts, invoices, service contracts, price quotes, recommendations, etc.).

Transmittal of receipts and paid invoices

For the purchase of material resources, you must send the detailed invoice issued by the retailer to Aide financière aux études.

For public paratransit and specialized services, you can use the Receipt for Required Assistance Services – Allowance for Special Needs Program form. That form must be filled out and signed by the resource person delivering the service, or the transportation carrier and yourself. If you do not use that form, be sure that the attestation or receipt you send includes all the information required by the form. Remember to include the expression Special Needs, as well as your Permanent Code and the award year concerned.  An award year runs from September 1 to August 31.

Right to access and accuracy

In accordance with the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, you are entitled  to access and have corrected any personal information concerning you that is held by the Ministère.

If you are dissatisfied - available recourse

Are you dissatisfied with a service received or a decision made? You have recourse rights: you can make a complaint This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Additional information

For additional information regarding the Allowance for Special Needs Program, you can call us at 418 781-0030 (Québec City) or 1 844 510-0030 (toll-free elsewhere in Québec). You can also contact, as the case may be, the office responsible for integrating disabled students, the financial assistance office or the administration office of your educational institution.

If you have a severe hearing impairment and use a relay service, you can reach us at the numbers above.