Private preschools, elementary schools and secondary schools not accredited for purposes of subsidies 

If your child has special needs that limit his or her learning activities, this program will enable him or her to obtain the material resources required at home to pursue his or her studies, provided those needs are not already covered by another program or organization.

The Allowance for Special Needs Program – Youth is designed for students who attend a private preschool, elementary school or secondary school not accredited for purposes of subsidies, located in Québec, and whose special needs limit their learning activities at home. 

Before filing an application for a special needs allowance, please contact the administration of the school your child attends to find out whether the school is accredited for purposes of subsidies. If your child attends an institution in the public sector or a private school accredited for purposes of subsidies, you must not apply to Aide financière aux études regarding his or her special needs, but directly contact the school he or she attends. 

Right to access and accuracy

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If you are dissatisfied - available recourse

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Additional information

For additional information regarding the Allowance for Special Needs Program, you can call us at 418-781-0030 (Québec City) or 1-844-510-0030 (toll-free elsewhere in Québec). You can also contact the administration of your educational institution.

If you have a severe hearing impairment and use a relay service, you can reach us at the numbers above.